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mechanical application

An infrared mechanical inspection is very important for your equipment! The picture on this page is another thermal image taken as the thermographer completed a specific list of equipment critical to operations. This blower system was identified as a potential problem after verification that both blowers were under similar load. The temperature difference between the 2 bearings was approximately 30° C, enough to raise concern, especially since this bearing was replaced only 3 months prior to this inspection.

mechanical application

The temperatures identified in this thermogram exceeded 150° C, quite a surprise after the 30° rise from the front view. Following his disbelief that a newly installed bearing could fail so quickly, the maintenance supervisor promptly investigated the equipment for himself. ACMT now completes mechanical infrared equipment trending inspections of all critical equipment on a quarterly maintenance schedule. This is time well spent in value that far exceeds the additional costs related to a few extra hours of mechanical equipment failure.

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