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Predictive Maintenance (PDM) – Detecting the Problem Before It Happens

Infrared technology can see electrical, mechanical, and structural flaws before they become a problem.

ACMT Infrared Services Ltd.: We proudly offer infrared thermography to all of Western Canada


At ACMT Infrared Services Ltd., we offer an integral group of the most qualified infrared PdM professionals in this industry. Our technicians are certified infrared thermographers through world-renowned training facilities. They have all received their certifications through the Academy of Infrared Thermography (AIRT), a world-renowned training facility complying to the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT)’s standards. We proudly offer infrared thermography to all of Western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Combining ACMT Infrared Services Ltd.’s formal training with years of experience in a multitude of infrared applications provides our clients with the value and peace of mind they demand for their maintenance dollars.

From inspecting equipment for electrical and mechanical flaws to the latest trending software products, our training and experience covers many applications in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, specializing in electrical and mechanical applications for mining and forest. Whether you are a residential homeowner who needs to know how to spend your DIY dollars by detecting a leak or an industrial plant that needs service for transmission and distribution systems, we are here to help.


Preventing Forest Fires

One of the most important applications of infrared thermography is to detect hotspots in wooded areas. At ACMT Infrared Services Ltd., we utilize sensitive equipment to analyze each thermal target, such as a slash pile or landing, to ensure that we can detect a forest fire  before it gets started, or to ensure all hot spots have been eliminated.

Contact us today to schedule an infrared inspection or other infrared thermography services with ACMT Infrared Services Ltd.

Professional Affiliations

We follow the standards of the following associations:

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