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Offering Infrared Technology for Analyzing Safety Equipment in Western Canada 


Our technicians combine in excess of 25 years’ experience with IR/T certification through a recognized IR/T training facility to ensure the highest quality analysis for our clients. While the technician is viewing and analyzing the thermal images which come across the onboard monitor, our driver is constantly on the lookout for any potentially hazardous public safety concerns. We understand the importance of analyzing safety equipment. Based in Western Canada, we serve BC, Alberta, Saskatoon, and Manitoba.

ACMT Infrared Services Ltd.’s one-of-a-kind SUV allows technicians to analyze and document any T&D equipment, safely, promptly, and accurately no matter what the road conditions. Our team is equipped with:

Application experience for both visual & thermal anomalies

High-end digital IR equipment accompanied by all of the necessary lenses & accessories required for long distance imaging

Onboard computers with video capabilities, digital cameras, high-resolution colour printers, and digital capabilities

An assurance of prompt documentation & report delivery

Contact us today to schedule our services.

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